Tired of clamping a gauge to your helicopter’s rotor blades and ending up with inaccurate pitch settings?


The Blade Pitch Gauge (BPG) is your solution. This Tyler Gray Models original design fits into your rotor blade grip. Featuring a durable steel plate, your angle finder slots inside the BPG’s tray, where integrated magnets keep it stable for all your adjustments.


The Blade Pitch Gauge will quickly become your favorite tool for setting up your helicopter, both scale and 3D alike!



- Designed for the Klein Tools angle finder, the BGM should fit most angle finders.

- Suitable for setting up 3D and scale helicopters.

- Laser-cut steel and 3D-printed plastic give the BGM a sturdy design for when you’re making adjustments at home or on the flying field.

Blade Pitch Gauge