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Tyler Gray Model is an online store where you can have a great online shopping experience. We have experts to help you with your questions, comments, or concerns about the products or the placing orders. If you are planning to get lighting accessories but are confused about them, this blog will help you.  

We have listed the light accessories available with us at Tyler Gray along with the basic information about them. Check out the blog to grab everything in detail. 

Most crucial light accessories 

In aviation, the most crucial safety instruction is to see and be seen—and the best way to do this is with the help of light accessories. Compared to all of the other parts of an aircraft, light accessories are inexpensive protection. They indicate the relative position of aircraft during their movement. If you add recognition lighting to an aircraft, lights that are pulsed and stroboscopic help your aircraft to be visible.

When it comes to aircraft lighting, more is always better to go with a reputed company. While the regulations do allow for some flexibility on when pilots are permitted to turn various lights on and off but some lights are continuously on. So you need the best quality lights that have more efficiency. 

 Check out the light accessories below that you can get online at Tyler Gray Models.

Light Accessories

  • Anti Collision Lens
  • Heat Resistant PTFE 
  • Cable Cable Connector
  •  Cable -Y3

Control Modules

  • uniLIGHT Controller, BLACK .4 
  • uniLIGHT PLUS Programmer
  • uniLIGHT BLACK.2 
  • uniLIGHT Controller E8, PLUS 
  • uniLIGHT AB.2 Afterburner

Search & Spot Lights 

  • 24mm Searchlight, SCALE, BLACK, 4Wx2
  • 31mm Searchlight, SCALE, BLACK, 4Wx2 
  • 40mm Searchlight, 14Wx2, T-FUSE 
  • 20mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 4Wx2 
  • 16mm Drop-Out Spotlight HV, 4W
  • 10mm Spotlight, 2.5Wx2 
  • 22mm ECO-Spotlight with lens, 4W 
  • 15mm Alu-Spotlight, 4W

Navigation Strobe Lights 

  • 5mm PIN Navigation Light, 1Wx2, SHORT 
  •  5mm PIN Strobe Light, 3Wx2, SHORT 
  •  7mm SLIM Navigation Light, 1Wx2, SHORT 
  •  3mm FIBER Navigation Light, Triple, 4W 
  •  5mm PRO Navigation Light, 1Wx2, SHORT 
  •  5mm PRO Strobe light, 3Wx2 RED 
  •  7mm DUAL Navigation + Strobe Light, 3Wx2 
  •  9mm PRO Navigation Light, 2.5Wx2, SHORT
  •  9mm DUAL Navigation Light + Strobe, 6Wx2 - SHORT
  •  7mm SLIM Navigation Light, 3Wx2, SHORT
  •  10mm PIN Strobe Light, 4W, SHORT 
  •  20mm PRO Navigation Light, 8Wx2

Hope you have gained information about the light accessories of aircraft and various light types. Stay connected to us to get updates about the aircraft accessories and their uses.

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